SEP 11, 2022
What I've Accomplished With Ship 30 for 30 in the Past Year
What will I find when checking Typeshare analytics for the past 365 days?

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to take a look at my analytics for the longest period that Typeshare will show me: the past 365 days.

NOTE: I'm not saying these numbers are impressive, because to be honest I see complete newbies get more engagement in one tweet than I've gotten all year (ouch).

If not for Ship 30 for 30 and the 4 cohorts I've participated in, it's safe to say that I wouldn't have independently decided to post as much as I did.

Let's See the Numbers

Ok, let's dive into the data:

Total Posts (mostly essays with a few threads): 151

Engagements: 2,900

Link Clicks: 154

Likes: 1,224

Profile Views: 707

Views: 120,077

Shares: 182

Longest Streak: 43

Current Streak: 30

I'm Missing Some Data

Looking through my analytics, it appears that I've got some gaps. I didn't think I missed this many posts to Twitter (maybe something was up with Typeshare at the time?) but I see about 11 posts without analytics.

Once upon a time, there was a way to manually connect a tweet to a Typeshare post, but I'm not seeing that option for some reason.

That means the numbers above would be a little bit higher if you factored in those extra essays, my stats would be bumped up a bit.

What the Analytics Don't Show

• Friends I've made

• Skills I've learned

• Confidence I've gained

• Other opportunities that have come from Ship 30 for 30

• The newsletter (App Chat) and community (NewbLetter) that I was inspired to create

• The sense of pride, from having shipped for 30 consecutive days — FOUR times

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