may 22, 2022
I'm Shipping #30 of 30 Essays/Threads...Now What?
Rather than look back at how it went, I'm going to look forward.

Well, here it is. It's the last post of my 3rd Ship 30 for 30 cohort. Rather than look back at how it went, I'm going to look forward.

What's next?

Continue Writing

  • I'm not worrying about a streak, but I'll continue to post essays and threads via Typeshare.
  • I may also explore writing elsewhere in some capacity (different content than what I'm doing in Typeshare).

Build Some Things

  • Looking into what an Automate Your ADHD email course could look like.
  • Keep coming up with neat Zapier workflows, especially ones that can help others.
  • Might look into using Adalo for something else.

Focus on Twitter Replies

  • I want to challenge myself to reply to tweets more frequently (in addition to crafting my own tweets).
  • Maybe I'll come up with some workflows or a dashboard to track it.

Other Creative Endeavours

  • Maybe I'll look into Pencil Pirates by @EvansNifty


  • I'm leaving myself open to interesting and exciting opportunities :)
  • Got something I could help with/collaborate on? Hit me up!

That's a wrap for this cohort. May or may not join another one this year.

Nick Simard
I'm a bit of an eclectic misfit. You'll find everything from writing, to ADHD, technology, psychology, apps, family, automation, and anything in between. Enjoy!

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